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leanasidhe [userpic]
by leanasidhe (leanasidhe)
at May 27th, 2004 (09:34 am)

Petting a Pooch Can Lift Your Mood
Spending Time With Dogs May Help Fight Depression

By Jennifer Warner
Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
on Friday, May 21, 2004
WebMD Medical News

May 21, 2004 -- Giving a dog a good tummy rub may do more than just make Fido feel better. New research shows people may also reap the benefits of petting a pooch, and you don't even have to roll over.

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this is kind of messing with my mind, and Psych is about the mind sooo....
by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at April 26th, 2004 (11:19 am)

I need you guys' opinion say hypothetically someone was involved in the porn industry, and they told someone who they have known for almost 2 years, and that person used to be their manager, but they also have an established personal relationship. When they told this person they asked stuff like "What kind?" and also asked for the password when they were done. Also this person has asked about who they have slept with and if they've hooked up with the same sex. How should this be taken? I find it strange that this person was getting so into it. If they didn't get turned on wouldn't they say, "cool, have fun" or "be careful" and not let the said person carry on with conversation of it, and why would they say "you'll have to give me the password when you're done" any opinions?

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at April 10th, 2004 (09:36 am)

Well things are starting to look up. I got a lot of makeup homework done, and I hate a date last night with this really nice girl. Things seem to have calmed down with my mother, and the job fair is Wends and I'm feeling good about it.

Haven't watched in a bit, I have pretty much everything up to date except a few things
by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at April 6th, 2004 (05:22 pm)

ever have one of those weeks, you know what I mean. One of THOSE weeks where you just want to crawl up in a hole :-/ sigh

Síocháin Columan [userpic]
by Síocháin Columan (bhanfhlaith)
at March 17th, 2004 (04:58 pm)

current mood: depressed
current song: Riverdance Soundtrack

After much discussion with leanasidhe elsewhere, I've decided it's warm blanket love time for me.

Just in short, I reached the end of my emotional rope right after my birthday in Feb. I did not make a big enough deal about it because I was self conscious about it coming off like a fake for attention (all too common on line). But I think I want to make more noise about it because I'm really still in a wounded, broken place. I signed up for this group knowing the day was coming I would need it. And I think it's come.

And I'm not even sure what else to say right now.

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at February 14th, 2004 (11:45 am)

You know what? I dont care if people talk about me if I really wasnt important they wouldnt waste their breath. They are jealous and insecure!

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at January 29th, 2004 (11:37 am)

What drives a person to hate someone they feel the need to call them horrible names when you didn't even do anything? I don't get it I try and be nice and let go of my past yet people still leave nasty negative annoymus comments about me on LJ. It sucks

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at January 8th, 2004 (12:04 pm)

current mood: aggravated

Ok if this week gets any worse I might have to straggle myself. First on Monday I go to BHCC to buy books, and get the voucher from Finicial aid to pay for them, and the stupid lady couldn't tell me if they had it or not. She told me "January 5th the week before school" well school don't start til the 20th, and that's 2 weeks after the 5th. So then I go to buy the books (my mom gave me a blank check) and they only had them for one class! And it came to $143! Now when (and if) I get the voucher I have to bring them back and exange them so my mom gets the money back. I think the voucher is only for $250 though. Later that night Dad calls me and says the Uno's gift card I gave Brian for Xmas(Which Kiley gave me from the Yankee Swap) didn't work and Brian had to be taken in the back. And now Cheryl thinks I stole it and dad is suspcious. It was bought in NH that's why it doesn't work, I just don't know where. Then on Tues I went to meet with one of my dad's customer's who said she could help me out with a job, so I woke up at 8:30 so I could be at Fanuel Hall by 10:00 just to find out she needs people who can work regualr business hours, which I can't cause of school. WHY couldn't she tell me this in the first place! It would have saved me a trip! The only good thing was I ended up applying at the Tuft Book Store, it's only Temp, but it will do. I have an interview Friday Morning. Any way, Last night I go to the Bathroom and there is toilet paper (a lot) in there, and when I flushed it over flowed, hello NOT my fault. So Deanne, started ordering me like she always does, screaming like a maniac, when I didn't even do anything, and she was denying it was her. Obviously it was! Then mom came home and the two of them were screaming so loud I thought one of them was gonna have a heart attack, they sounded like lunatics. Deanne is always "I do everything around here!!" Bullshit! She does the same chores I do, and she vaccumes once every 3 months, but I vaccume too! So it doesn't matter. She's always oredering me to clean the dogs cage or something else, and when I say no she throws stuff at me and screams, but the second I tell her to do something, she says no, and locks her self in her room. Fucking Psycho. So then today, I go down to the UPS store to get a notary, to find out it cost $5!! I fucking need that, and I don't have money. Here was my conversation with the man on the phone
"Hi I need a notary, do you do that?"
"Yes, you'll need a license or Valid ID"
"Anything else I should bring"
"No just yourself and a license"
Um did he say $5 ANYWHERE in that convo? Nope! He's like "Well you didn't ask" HELLO! I said "Do I need anything else" common courtesy would have been to say "By the way, it costs $5" or "I don't know if you've done this but you'll need to bring $5 as well" Honestly. I should have just taken it and ran.

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at December 24th, 2003 (04:31 pm)

Even around the holidays people still take the time out to be cruel just so they can get a laugh. It amazes me.

by Pompy (bohemianbabe)
at October 23rd, 2003 (02:49 pm)

I met a ginger knob whose voice makes me go all jelloid I haven't met him but I bet I'll rate him. Blimey O'Rielleys Trousers! I'm such a prat! I'm so nervouse!